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Fully qualified lawyer

As a fully qualified lawyer in Germany with 18 years of professional experience in the games and IT industry, I am the right person to fight for the rights of my gaming clients. I have extensive experience with  licensing contracts, esports and media cooperations.

I have founded an lead companies like OnLegends in the field of licensing and marketing online games and mobile games and I am a reknown specialist for the Asian gaming market as well as emerging markets.

In my professional career I have gained extensive knowledge in the field of businsess development of IT based companies due to my large contact base, my experience in international markets, leading, improving and building up teams and my personal affiliation with IT topics.

I am active in the field of financing and coaching gaming developers and consult them in the fields of business development and marketing. I also draftplayer contracts and help esports teams with the business development and professionalization efforts. If you need a sponsoring contract for your team or if you are planning to enter the esports industry, I am likely to be your first choice in terms of legal consulting in Europe.



My specialities are:

– Large amounts of connections in the international gaming business

– 18+ years experience in managing companies and business in the gaming niche

– Great connections to all mayor publisher of online games as well as developer of online games.

– Experiences in legal consulting gaming – and new media companies

– Experience, knowledge and personal affiliation with IT topics

– Experience in the esport industry from building up teams, as well as

– Personal interest in gaming, media, IT and international relationships

– Strong believe in the growth of esports and the social and society changes it accompanies

“The power of the lawyer is in the uncertainty of the law“, Jeremy Bentham.

This quote is esspecially true in a new legal area like gaming law and even more esports law.


Gaming Law

Drafting and revising publishing contract with a strong focus on the developer side.

Unfair Competition

Unfair competition law with a strong focus on Germany.

Esports Law

Drafting, Revising and Negotiating contracts for professional player and esport organizations.

Investor Relations

Accompanying investor stories from initial contact for finalized contracts

Civil Litigation

Helping with civil litigation in Germany.

Copyright Law

Litigation and contract managment

Youth Protection

Helping with the special requirements of complying German youth protection laws.


Consulting for business relationships and partnerships in the gaming industry.


  • Supportive until the end!

    Working with Marian for nearly 6 years, I value him as a highly professional partner for my legal work. He always is available for my needs and quick solutions. His Knowledge of media and unfair competition law with regards to IT and the gaming industry always is a valuable help.
    Zwetan Letschew, Bossland GmbH
  • Professionality and Reliability!

    Marian is an enthusiastic professional and a responsible person you can rely on. His dedication to work and services he provides is truly exceptional. He is also very hardworking: sometimes it seems that he works 24 hours a day. I really enjoy working with Marian, and it's my pleasure to recommend him!
    Peter Zhalov, CEO at Livestream Ltd
  • Enjoyable working attitude.

    I have always enjoyed working with Marian. Knowledgable, determined and always looking at trying to do things differently I look forward to seeing Marian at any event that we happen to attend together.
    Simon Usiskin, MD iQU

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