Gaming Law

Thematic priority of my professional legal work is the gaming law. I am working 18 years in the gaming industry. I built up several ventures in the gaming industry and since 2008 I am a fully qualified German lawyer with a focus on IP and unfair competition law.

  • Drafting contracts for game developers
  • Drafting contracts for publisher looking for partner in emerging countries
  • Drafting contracts for professional player
  • Drafting contracts for service provider in the IT
  • European Trademark Cases
  • Setting up business operations in Germany
  • Copyright law, unfair competition law and adjacent legal fields.



I consult companies and individuals in matters of gaming and business development as well as license brokering

  • Finding licensing partner in Asia and Southern America
  • Finding, contracting and setting up payment gateways
  • Negotiating contracts and business terms
  • Finding, contacting and finalizing investment cases
  • Securing financing rounds
  • Helping semi professional market player to turn professional
  • Making contacts for business relationships
  • Setting up company structures and legal frameworks


Civil Law cases

Due to being a fully qualified German lawyer I help foreign companies to clear outstanding accounts in Germany. I also help defeding against civil claims in Germany

  • Clearing open claims fast and cost effective
  • Defending against unfair competition and copyright claims up to the German supreme court
  • Finalizing and negotiating company transaction cases
  • Clearing German taxation issues
  • Setting up corporate compliance shemes
  • German Youth protection precautions
  • Data protection advice for German users
  • Consumer collection matters for German customers