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Will you fight to protect your legal rights under the law?
AYes. As I am a fully qualified lawyer in Germany, I have the right and the possibility to bring your case up to the supreme court in Germany. I have 8 years of experience with German courts, German institutions and German tax authorities.

I strive to present the most cost effective solution for you and thus I am convinced to win every opinion of you or your investors cost-effectiveness considerations.

What is your unique selling point as a lawyer?
ADue to my 18 year experience in the gaming industry, I am able to combine my own interest in IT, media and gaming with my legal knowledge and experience. When I draft, revise or negotiate contracts, I know what the purpose of the contract is and I have knowledge regarding the content and the business. This gives me the unique ability to not have to annoy my clients to explain the contract to me and also enables me to provide useful hints, advices and corrections.
You are only a German lawyer?
AThis is correct. I am a fully qualified German lawyer and I am allowed to act as a lawyer in Germany. Nevertheless I am able to draft, revise and negotiate contracts in other legislations and use my lawyer network as well as my experience to find colleagues in other countries to help. Often it is helpful though, to create a contract with German laws being applicable. Germany is a safe, fair and well established Democracy, that provides the needed reliability to build a business on.
Can you help me establishing a subsidiary?
AYes, I can. I help several Asian companies with useful advices and business development guides on how to establish a European business in Germany. I can guide through the initial barriers, can find suitable office locations or even investment possiblities and provide good reasons why Germany is a perfect choice for your European business operations. Just contact me and learn more.
What about your cost?
AI  have a simple rule. I always communicate my costs prior to any work done and my clients can decide on cost-effectiveness before hiring me. My hourly rates will be fair and reasonable esspecially compared to lawyer fees in other European countries like the United Kingdom. I strife to satisfy my clients and always find a solution for their concerns.